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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)


EMINENT's technical consultants have years of project experience with cutting edge SAP technologies like BSP applications, Object Orient ABAP, Mobile Application Development using VBA, Java ,XML and Web Services.

Our Technology experts mastered both Java and ABAP programming tools to deliver seamless solutions to our customers.

Software Functional consultants write functional specifications to meet the client’s new or changed business processes. Our technical consultants convert the functional specs into application solutions.


EMINENT’s software consultants have deep knowledge of the SAP software packages in the areas of SAP Logistics, Financials, SAP BW, SAP CRM, and SAP SCM areas.

We understand each business is unique and calls for a specifically tailored implementation methodology for a successful SAP project implementation. Our consultants have extensive knowledge of SAP best Resources to any SAP implementation.

In addition to ASAP powered methodologies, EMINENT has mastered many project implementation methodologies:

1) Conference Room Pilot (CRP) methodology
2) Cycle Methodology

CRP Methodology:
Conference Room Pilot Methodology helps the client project team members better understand the capabilities of the Banner Software and develop business process that use the banner software. This methodology conducts several conference room pilots that adjust the business processes and configuration of the banner software from one CRP to other CRP until the desired business processes are totally configured in the Banner software.

Cycle Methodology:
First the project team decides and divides entire project life cycles into several cycles including Baseline configuration. The Cycle methodology permits participation of the Key users from early stage of the project implementation
i) Baseline Configuration: Configuration of the business baseline supported by standard business functionality of the Banner Software
ii) Cycle1 to Cyclen: Users test the functionality at the end of each cycle. The user experience and input from the previous cycle help the configuration of the next cycle and so on until the desired business functionality is configured and supported by the Banner software.
With our on site consulting service, EMINENT Team SAPMINDS partners with client internal IT staff to make SAP Project implementation a successful business initiative. Our team works with the client IT Staff to seamlessly transition from the project preparation phase to the go-live phase and post go-live support.

Business Process

EMINENT’s consultants have in depth of knowledge of the business process of the industry verticals.

Our consultants architect the client business processes to meet the changing global business challenges.

With experience in Six Sigma methodologies, we provide continuous improvement to Business Process. EMINENT’s Board consist of Apparel and Footwear, High Tech Insurance, Lean Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Pharma, Retail, Utilities, and Telecom Business Process Experts.

EMINENT helps clients analyze the business challenges, advise on software solutions, and assist in the selection of a solution partner for the chosen software.

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We Drive Technology with Passion to Achieve Excellence