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Educational Services


EMINENT specialized in providing Hi-end Technology based services with a unique synergy between its training and software development divisions, to maximise their performance and investments in people and Technology. It is strongly backed by renowned IT professionals who are dedicated and Inventions in the enthusiastic IT field. We are keenly enthusiastic about giving only accurate results for the requirements of the industry. We are serving the IT field with the Best confidence for IT's necessity.


Inspired by the philosophy "A Good Teacher is a worth of million books, EMINENT ensures that instruction and enrichment go hand in hand to produce competent professionals to share the enormously growing workload of the IT field. We are offering high-end training programme with client/server and web related technologies. Our mission is to concentrate on this integral focus area to generate a new breed of outstanding performers for ever growing and highly demanding Software Industry. Educational Services at EMINENT, including the widest gamut of innovative courses to suit the requirements of students with different backgrounds with or without computer exposure and aspire them to embark into successful software development career. Project building exercises and assignments coupled with practical problem-solving techniques are a part of the curriculum for students to gain hands-on-experience.

The Educational Services at eminent also ensure to -

  • Learn Faster - interactive technologies to reduce your time significantly.
  • Learn Selectively - Choose only those topics that are relevant to you.
  • Remember More - Using Structured Simulations that give the opportunity for exercise and practice.
  • Learn Conveniently - Learn anytime and at your own pace, keeping in mind your work schedule.
  • Re-Learn - Using TBT's for unlimited amount of review to reinforce your retention at no extra cost.
  • Measure Results - to keep track and evaluate your learning progress and mastery thru scored quizzes and test preparation software.
  • Get Consistent Quality - Using TBT's to give the high quality of inputs

Data Ware House INFORMATICA PROJECT & VC++ start soon

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We Drive Technology with Passion to Achieve Excellence