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EMINENT develops, and supports core geospatial solutions that address a wide range of market segments. They include conversion of Thematic Maps & FM Drawings into GIS Format ;Data Capturing related to Remote Sensing , Urban Planning including land management, road & rail transportation and Highway Engineering ; Natural Resource Management , water and wastewater infrastructure management; Agriculture ; Environmental Sciences ; Hydrological Applications; Real Estate and Retailing to name a few.

These services enables to integrate geographic data from multiple vendors, thus making GIS data available to a growing number of users. This ability to share data from multiple sources is particularly important to cities, states, provinces, and countries where data comes from many sources and in many formats using GeoMedia technology which is the catalyst to bring the data together, in real-time, without having to change it and makes it easy to share this GIS data across borders, industries, and disciplines via the Internet, thus increasing community involvement and helping citizens and governments make better-informed decisions.

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